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Fire extinguishers are a very important component to fire protection and safety. They are small and portable and can be kept in many locations. They are also easy to use when you know how to properly extinguish a flame. Let the professionals at Chevalier Fire Protection LLC assist you with sales, equipment checks, and education. Call 802-527-0347 today.

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•  Inspect your fire extinguishers (should be done annually)

•  Sell fire extinguisher units

•  Have your units recharged (should be done after discharge)

•  Rebuild your fire extinguisher units (should be done every 6 years)

We offer a one year warranty on parts and services - call 802-527-0347


Chevalier Fire Protection LLC is a family owned and operated business that was established in 2005. Because it is a small business, we are able to devote time and dedication to our customers. Call 802-527-0347 or visit us and let us help you safeguard your home and business, and achieve peace of mind.

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Fire extinguishers are incredibly important for fire protection, and in addition we offer sprinkler systems and retrofit & renovations. Your home or business will benefit from consultation with our experts - call 802-527-0347 and let Chevalier Fire Protection LLC serve you!

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